How do the advance tickets work? You can purchase advance tickets at participating locations (TBD) and via our website. 

Is the event rain or shine? Sure is! Bring umbrellas, sunscreen, and a parka - it might be August but it's Vermont - who knows what we will get for weather? 

Is there re-entry into the Festival? Yes. While we are still a small, family festival, we allow our guests to leave the gate and re-enter. Please make sure you see a gatekeeper before leaving to ensure you're good to get back in later.

Do you accept credit cards? Is there an ATM? Yes, we do accept credit cards at the gate. There is not an ATM on site but if you run out of cash we can run your credit or debit card for you in exchange for cash. A $3 processing fee will be charged. To use this service, visit the gate. 

Can we bring chairs? Yes. We want you to be comfortable. Enjoy yourself and take a load off. It's Saturday after all.

Is there camping? Not at the moment. When we grow into a weekend-long event we will incorporate camping into the festival. For camping in the area we recommend the fine folks at Brewster River Campground on Route 108 between Jeffersonville and Smugglers' Notch.

Are coolers allowed? Sorry, no. We work diligently to secure some of the best in local food and beverage vendors so we want to make sure they are supported for their work and time. Please keep outside food and beverage, well...outside the gates. 

Is it just music? Oh no! We have a lot happening. Besides taking in the beauty of your surroundings at the base of Mount Mansfield in the beautiful village of Jeffersonville, we have comedians and a fire performance! Plus, you can re-enter the festival at any time, so feel free to wander the sidewalks of Jeffersonville and come back later. 

I work all day. If I show up at 9pm do I need to pay full price? We are a 100% volunteer organization and event and all proceeds go to the building of a community center. However, we get that $15 for an hour of music is a little steep in this neck of the woods. Watch the sign at the gate for the late-night discount.